Applications & Uses

Innovative Designs

sewer14ACTS CSI’s extensive line of CerarMix™ utility access, manhole, trench covers and grates are a reliable resource for use in array of industries as a cost efficient, durable, lightweight and corrosion-resistant alternative to metal or concrete models.
CerarMix™ load-bearing manhole, trench covers, or grates are a cost-efficient solution for installation in vehicular, pedestrian, commercial, municipal and industrial applications such as:

            • Telecom
            • Marine
            • Construction
            • Aerospace
            • Military/Defense
            • Automotive
            • Electrical utilities
            • Energy companies
            • Resort hotels
            • Colleges/Universities
            • Sports arenas
            • Water, Sewer and Wastewater treatment
            • Commercial/Industrial developments, and more 


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