CerarMix™ is up for the Challenge……

CerarMix™ is a candidate for almost any application where wood, plastic, concrete, and metals fall short in either performance or value.  Our revolutionary polymer ceramic metallic  composite delivers a combination of strength, stability light weight and durability unheard of in the building and construction industry.  Unlike other composites, CerarMix™ can be used in structural, non-structural and decorative applications.

CerarMix™ is a proprietary and technologically advanced composite coating material that serves as the protective internal and external skin for ACTS CSI structures.  CerarMix™ provides a unique combination of strength, lightweight, physical toughness, low thermal expansion, and moisture resistance that have never before been available in a single composite building material.

At the heart of each ACTS CSI structure is CerarMix™.  CerarMix™ offers superb water resistance.  It stands up to sunlight and high wind forces. CerarMix™ resists damage by microorganisms, insects, aquatic life, chemicals and hard use for years of maintenance-free service.  CerarMix™ also offers benchmark mold and mildew resistance.  CerarMix™ is readily colorable with conventional pigments or a variety of surface coatings and treatments.  CerarMix™ is engineered to outperform and outlast competing composite materials and it is the perfect choice for the ACTS CSI structures.

CerarMix™ possesses unique qualities and is engineered to have the following characteristics:

  • Environmentally friendly material: non-hazardous.
  • Simple, fast and easy application process.
  • Can be tougher than steel.
  • Ease of coating on any surface, or structure to increase performance characteristics.
  • Water Proof (100% moisture proof, non-hydroscopic).
  • Chemical, Heat, Abrasion and Sound resistant.
  • Ultra-violet ray reflective and stable.
  • Reflects 98% of the radiant energy.
  • Does not rot or decay, and provide food for mold growth.
  • Termite/vermin resistant.
  • Thermally stable.
  • Elasticity designed to match substrate.

Request information about CerarMix™ below:

CSI CerarMix™ Specifications               CSI What is CerarMix™


More About CerarMix™

The ACTS CSI proprietary and patented CerarMix™ coating is applied using sophisticated spray systems.   CerarMix™ can transform an ordinary surface such as metal, fiberglass, wood, etc.,  into a high-performance surface that is virtually indestructible.  When CerarMix™ is applied by our patented high energy spray equipment, the coating is dense, corrosion and heat resistant, and inert to acids, alkali and solvents.  CerarMix™ improves the properties of any surface it is applied to.  Because of our high energy application method, CerarMix™  has a higher particle-to-particle cohesive bonding which translates into a higher quality coating.

When a versatile material with impact resistance, flexural strength, durability, and resistance to water and many common chemicals is needed, CerarMix™ is the best choice.  CerarMix™ can take all the punishment that industrial operations, construction sites and commercial facilities can dish out.

CerarMix™ offers the physical strength, toughness and durability that is unprecedented in a ceramic sprayable  polymer metallic material.  This advanced material enjoys high abrasion resistance.  In fact it is five times better than silica carbide for this purpose and scores a hardness of 9 on the MOHS scale…just one step below that of diamonds.  It provides all of the durability of 2205 duplex stainless steel without the cost of steel.  CerarMix™ provides superior protection from:

  • Extreme heat
  • Corrosives
  • Ultraviolet Radiation

CerarMix™ is successfully being applied to large scale composite structures as an advanced coating in wind energy, mining, wastewater management, pulp and paper manufacturing and flue gas desulfurizaiton for the coal-fired power generation industry.

CerarMix™ is also a Zero Fuel, Zero Fire and Zero Smoke material.  That makes it a superior choice for offshore facilities, shipboard applications and other uses requiring fire, fuel and smoke protection.

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