Financial Partners Login Terms and Conditions

The following are the Financial Partners Page Terms and Conditions: 
  1. All materials are considered PROPRIETARY information and for their personal use only.
  2. Personal use includes legal and financial counsel.
  3. The access to this information is a privilege not a right, and may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of ACTS.
  4. No information displayed on this site should be considered guaranteed, completed, or implemented until such time that such announcement of completion and implementation is finalized by ACTS and the associated partners.  All actions portrayed are “in process” and are not portrayed to be completed at the time of posting, unless otherwise stated.
  5. This information is being made to specific parties such as Lenders, Investors, Political Leaders, additional VIPs as deemed appropriate by ACTS, and those pre-screened and approved by ACTS.
  6. ACTS does not provide this information as any form of legal or financial advice or recommendation in any fashion.
  7. All content and materials are copy-write protected by ACTS.
  8. No distribution or submission by those parties given access to this information, is allowed without prior written authorization.
  9. No rights or privileges are granted to those having access to this information, other than what was previously granted by the execution of a legal document between ACTS and the individual party.
  10. Any and all content and privileges may be altered at any time at the sole discretion of ACTS.  
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