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It is our goal to keep our valued Financial Partners informed on the latest from ACTS.
As an ACTS Financial Partner, our GateWay provides a means for you to access sensitive and proprietary Company information at any time.
The communication access platform referred to as the “GateWay” contains privileged and other confidential information and is legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated user(s). Designated user(s) are referred to as “ACTS Financial Partner(s)”, or “Financial Partner(s)”. Access to the GateWay requires the Financial Partner’s registered email and an ACTS’ pre-assigned password.
Information accessed is not for public disclosure and is not a public offering, and constitutes an electronic communication within the scope of the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, 18 USCA 2510.  Unauthorized or improper use of the GateWay by a Financial Partner of ACTS or any individual may result in the violator(s) being denied access in the future. NO PERSON may download, print, copy, re-transmit, disseminate, or otherwise share information found in the GateWay on private equipment, optical or digital media pursuant to 18 USCA 2511 and any applicable laws.
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