Value Ad Reseller Program



Value-Add Production Licensing

ACTS Cerarmix Solutions International, LLC offers a variety of advanced building structures in various sizes and models with limited upgrades available on special production runs.  These structures are designed and engineered to meet current mass-market demands.

In response to a growing domestic and international customer base, ACTS CSI continues to acquire strategic partnerships with experienced and reliable manufacturers who possess core competencies and have the capability to provide value-added services.  These value-added services include custom product design,  specialized engineering services, as well as a comprehensive range of value-added fabrication enhancement operations and after sales support.

ACTS CSI understands that the key to creating value for a customer means providing innovative cost-effective fabrication and secondary operations that enhance product performance, versatility and marketability.  Licensees may elect to provide any number of fabrication enhancements including, end-user electrical, plumbing, HVAC, solar, septic, roofing, etc.  The range of end-user cosmetic fabrication enhancements includes lighting, cabinetry, kitchen and bath fixtures, flooring, exterior cladding, etc.  Secondary services and operations includes specialized engineering, on-site preparation, product delivery and installation. These licensees may also receive commercialization support from ACTS CSI as well as the right to use ACTS CSI trademarks.