Economically Viable & Reliable Options


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The pressurized pipe systems that support industry – from manufacturing plants to airports – are frequently buried under high value improvements, involve complex geometries, or located near systems that cannot easily be shut down. This greatly limits the options for rehabilitation of many pressurized systems and, for many pipe system owners, has forestalled the ability to extend the useful life of pipe systems in place.

These limits need not exist. Through the robotic application of our CerarMix™ coatings, economically viable and reliable options are available to rehabilitate in place abandoned lines, and extend the lifespan of critical piping systems relied upon for production.

Whether your business is food processing, manufacturing, industrial works or even airport operations, with miles of buried refueling pipelines and complex fire suppression systems, ACTS CSI can provide a lining solution for pipe in place that will be durable, arrest corrosion and provide long-lasting protection against erosion from chemical, temperature or abrasive conditions found in:

  • Fire deluge systems
  • Bunker fuel pipelines
  • Food processing piping
  • Steam pipelines
  • Water supply lines
  • Recirculation piping
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