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What coatings do you apply?
Using a patented technology, ACTS CSI applies a specific CerarMix coating formula engineered and chosen to meet the customer’s requirements for the job and application.
Can ACTS CSI provide a sample of the CerarMix coating designed for the application?
Yes, we appreciate doing samples so that we can identify and design the process that will provide the best coating solution for the application.
What is your lead time?
Our lead times can vary depending upon quantity, coating specifications, tooling and any research and development necessary to meet the requirements of the application and job.
What is your coating thickness?
Overall thickness ranges are dependent upon the application. Careful attention to all requirements is be made before determining coating thickness as well as tolerance.
How does ACTS CSI control coating thickness?
Many parameters effect thickness such as number of passes per coat, number of coats applied, viscosity of the coating, substrate being coated, final thickness to be achieved, final tolerance to be met along with fixturing and measuring methods.
What substrates can CerarMix coatings be applied?
There is no limit to the types of substrates CerarMix coatings may be applied. Whether the purpose of applying CerarMix is decorative, functional, or structural, CerarMix may be an all-over coating completely covering the substrate, or it may only cover parts of the substrates.
What methods are used to verify that the correct CerarMix coating formula and thickness has been selected for the application and requirements?
We can perform tests and provide customer samples necessary to meet application requirements.
What colors are available in CerarMix coatings?
If color is a key requirement, we have plenty of options for CerarMix coatings with many color choices.
Are CerarMix coatings approved for NSF/FDA/ medical uses?
Yes. We have worked with many clients to coat parts that meet NSF, FDA and medical use requirements. Each coating is engineered and tested in the criteria dictated by its end use. Please contact us with your particular needs.
Can CerarMix coatings be certified for military specifications?
Yes, CerarMix coatings can be certified by military specifications and customer specifications. Please contact us with your particular needs.
Does ACTS CSI offer a warranty on CerarMix coatings?
Yes. Our warranties on CerarMix coating material meet or exceed industry standards. CerarMix is a high performance, low-maintenance structural coating that is specifically engineered and customized for each application. Warranties are item and project specific.
What is the wear life or how long will a CerarMix coating last?
There is no standard allotted wear life of a CerarMix coating. The factors surrounding each particular working environment, such as cycle times, temperatures, chemical environment, and abrasive atmosphere will determine the life of the coating. ACTS CSI engineers will design the specific CerarMix formula that best suits the application to provide a high performance, cost-effective coating to meet the customer’s requirements.
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