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What is the composition of CerarMix utility access covers and grates?
ACTS CSI delivers product excellence using patented CerarMix technology to fabricate utility access covers and grates. The monolithic structure of the covers and grates mean that they will not crack or delaminate during usage. Covers and grates are light, strong and durable to meet the requirements for road, pedestrian and industrial use.
Are CerarMix utility access covers and grates interchangeable with other manufacturers’
ACTS CSI designs CerarMix utility access covers and grates tailored for markets across America. Our covers and grates are easily interchangeable.
Are CerarMix utility access covers and grates fully customizable?
ACTS CSI high-strength, high-performance, one piece molded design allows for a wide range of covers and grates fabricated from CerarMix. Covers and grates are available in a range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and load ratings. Covers and grates are available in any color and custom logos or markings can be molded into the cover for product or brand identification. CerarMix covers and grates can be engineered and designed to include such options as single or multiports, bolt and non-bolting features, security bolts, sealed and vented models, fixed height or adjustable height systems, frames, collars, skirts, gasket systems, penetration fittings, and more.
Do CerarMix covers and grates feature anti-slip/skid protection?
CerarMix utility access covers and grates meet and exceed the coefficient of friction requirements in both wet and dry conditions. CerarMix nonskid surface pattern helps to protect pedestrians from accidental slip and fall events.
What is the Fatigue Performance?
Rigorous testing is the foundation of the ACTS CSI’s CerarMix™ manhole covers, grates and frame system. Our load testing demands ultimate performance in cyclical fatigue, proof-load, & destructive testing.
What is the dimensional tolerance?
Due to the high level of automation and consistency in manufacturing, covers and grates made with die-molded CerarMix allows dimensional tolerance to be maintained accurately.
What is the weight ratio compared to cast iron and steel manhole covers and grates?
CerarMix covers and grates provide an 60-80% average weight reduction when compared to similar iron products.
What temperatures will the covers withstand?
CerarMix covers and grates do not conduct heat and will not allow that heat to transfer to the surface of the cover. An excellent insulator against heat, CerarMix covers and grates protect pedestrians from the possibility of severe burns.
Will covers protect from stray voltage and steam heat?
CerarMix covers and grates achieve non-conductive, anti-static performance, shielding electricity, heat and steam from pedestrians.
What is the proof load of CerarMix utility access covers and grates?
CerarMix covers and grates can be designed to meet HS20 and HS25 Highway load testing standards (per AASHTO H-20/25 standards and EN124 Class D400 load requirements), with load ratings from 25 to 80 tons.
What type of lifting aid is available?
You can easily lift many of our CerarMix covers and grates with just one hand eliminating the need for expensive lifting equipment. The lightweight nature of CerarMix covers and grates will facilitate easy removal and replacement of the cover without compromising on strength. An ergonomic lifting aid is available upon request.
What is the projected maintenance free years?
The inherent corrosion resistance properties found in CerarMix covers and grates meet and exceeds the typical 30+ years life-cycle of composite manhole covers and grates.
What is the minimum order and approximate delivery time once order is placed?
Standard size covers and grates are in stock with no minimum order required and immediate delivery.

Quantity and pricing for all custom orders are available upon request. Anticipated delivery time for custom orders are quoted at the time of order.
What is the warranty?
CerarMix covers and grates are a high performance, low-maintenance, low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to other similar products made of cast iron, concrete or composites used on the market today. We offer standard industry warranties.
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