ACTS CerarMix Solutions International  (ACTS CSI) is a factory direct wholesaler of patented and technologically advanced CerarMix™ products and services.   Our high performance, durable, reliable and cost-effective CerarMix™ products are made in the USA.  We manufacture a diversity of CerarMix™ coatings and  CerarMix™ composite products for an equally diverse array of end users designed to combat the negative effects cause by heat, corrosion, erosion, abrasion and chemical attack.  We stand ready to help you fulfill your specific need by providing a customized  CerarMix™ solution to meet your application requirements.  Contact us to find out what we can do for you and your business.

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Take a look at the ACTS CSI difference.

We’ve been developing innovative engineered solutions and pioneering advanced building technologies since 1990.

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CerarMix™ Pipe offers long term optimum performance.

CerarMix™ pre-coated pipe is engineered for extreme corrosion defense, even at high temperatures, it is the ideal material for high wear applications where corrosive and abrasive fluids are present.

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A Coating that offers high performance protection.

A high performance structural coating, CerarMix™ is formulated to meet any application requirement.

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ACTS CSI manufactures a variety of reliable CerarMix™ Products.

Aided by sophisticated engineering, and the superiority of CerarMix™ technology, our experienced team of project managers, engineers, and designers provide integrated solutions tailored to your most demanding requirements.

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We help our customers rethink what is possible in building design and functionality, and we are poised to meet the needs of the global market, no matter how challenging the location or the environment.– R. Michael Buehler, CEO and President

ACTS CSI has created a product that can help provide the world with much needed housing for both emergency conditions as well as impoverished areas all over the world.– Jim Girardi, VP of Marketing at VictoriaBrides

One of the most efficient ways for the world to conserve its scarce natural and monetary resources is to make things last longer.– The ACTSCSI Team

Many countries are unable to keep up with the demand, and the result is burgeoning areas of informal housing, overcrowding, and slums.– World Bank, Washington DC

FEMA recognized that a new post-disaster housing paradigm must be developed to address hazards of all sizes, scopes, and scales. Housing that is environmentally friendly, relatively inexpensive, secure and rapidly deployable in a crisis situation. What ACTS CSI delivers is a game changer.– Des Colleran, Senior Corporate Advisor, ACTS Global Environmental Solutions.

Cerarmix™  is the result of combining ordinary, abundant materials into a new material that functions in extraordinary ways. Using nanotechnology to change how these materials behave at the molecular level, we have engineered a product that will revolutionize how societies build and maintain the world's infrastructure.– The ACTSCSI Team

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