Design Flexability

Unmatched Attention to Detail

n the age of mass and unique customization, customers demand and expect more personalized products, creating a need for more product variation. ACTS CSI employs innovative product designs and production strategies. These strategies and designs allow for an almost unlimited amount of product variations that can be efficiently developed and distributed. By embedding flexibility into the product platform itself, ACTS CSI can respond to customer demands and changing market preferences quickly and efficiently.

ACTS CSI offers structures that are specifically designed to present additional flexibility for the end customer. Embedding flexibility into ACTS CSI components and production processes maximizes the overall performance of the structures. Integrated attachments, hinged and sub-component mating designs offer as much flexibility as possible. The post and beam structure assembly affords the opportunity to create completely flexible with real-time changes to meet customer demand. Structures of different sizes, square footages, fabricated operations and finishes present no real problems for the fabrication process. Most specifications are achieved with minimal changes to the basic structure and fabrication operations.

ACTS CSI designers are experts in state, national and international building codes requirements. ACTS CSI engineers have years of experience in all types of panelized, temporary and permanent construction. Let ACTS CSI work closely with you to develop a solution for your project’s needs.

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