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The quality of your ACTS CSI structure and related products is our number-one priority. Our structures are at their best in the most challenging environments. No matter where our structures are called on to perform, they will stand up to the most extreme circumstance. Hazardous forward posts, location in extreme heat or cold or locations where maximum security is required, all are environments where the ACTS CSI structures excel and where our CerarMix process provided a construction methodology unparalleled by any other process.

How do we achieve such a high level of quality? Our project managers oversee all aspects of the manufacturing and assembly process – from concept to completion to customer satisfaction. So your ACTS CSI structure is constantly monitored for quality with a critical and knowledgeable eye for every detail. Additionally, our ten-year structural warranty and lifetime warranty on all our manufactured components, guarantees that your structure will continue to reflect our high standards. To learn more, please call 877.444.0880 today



You receive value on many levels when you purchase ACTS CSI structures and related products. It begins with the professional assistance you receive from your sales consultant, who is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the process, and serves as your personal guide. Your sales consultant is available to you from the moment you contact us for information until after your structure is completed.

Once your structure is built, your on-site inspection will reveal that the structure was built to the highest standards guaranteed by the ACTS CSI name. when we build your structure, we build into it the expertise we’ve been accruing since 1993. AND our financial strength and reputation means that your structure will be delivered as promised. As an ACTS CSI customer, your buying power offers you more for less, as well as personal attention to details. That’s value. For more information, please call 877.444.0880.


We know that most of our customers are very conscious of the impact they have on the environment. We share your interest in the green movement. Our green initiatives extend across all of our operations and through the full life cycle of our products. We are developing and managing our technologies to deliver the right building, at the right time. To reduce manufacturing waste, we continuously refine the building process, recycle materials and work to recover energy where possible.

You’ll receive “green” with an ACTS CSI structure and related products. Each structural component is built to comply with location and environmental specifications. You receive a range of green enhancements that conserve energy and water, and add to your structure’s durability. You save money, your structure’s sustainability and efficiency is impressive, and you minimize your projects footprint on the eco-system – no matter where your project destination is in the world!


Any company can claim integrity, but ACTS CSI has a reputation we’ve been building since 1993. Our customers value our integrity and our commitment to delivering what we promise. In fact, most of our customers are referrals, recommended to ACTS CSI by other satisfied customers. That speaks volumes about the trust they have in us and in the products we offer. They know that we will deliver products and services that fulfills their vision, and that they will enjoy all the quality, value and excellence in technology that are the hallmarks of ACTS CSI.


Receive the products and structure that meets your project needs – at ACTS CSI we bring your vision to life! That’s because we not only offer you advanced building techniques, we give you a vast array of interior and exterior features and options to choose from. You can select major structural additions, such as interior walls, solar systems, septic systems, and more depending on your project. At ACTS CSI, we pride ourselves on creating the best structure that perfectly reflects the needs of your project and budget. We can help you design a structure that is truly a perfect fit to turn your vision into a reality.

Our professional sales consultants are ready to assist you in making final decision for customizing your ACTS CSI structure.

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