Miscellaneous & Ornamental Capabilities

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CerarMix™ coating is an advanced method of applying a structural and protective finish to virtually any type of substrate that may be used as an architectural enhancement.  The result is a uniform, durable, high quality and attractive finish.  There are innumerable ornamental capabilities for CerarMix™ such as:

  • Stair Systems
  • Hand Rails, Safety Rails, Catwalks
  • Fencing, Bollards, Gates, Screens
  • Pedestrian walkways, Ramps & Fire Escapes
  • Canopies, Facades & Entrance ways
  • Grills, Grates, Enclosures & Cabinetry
  • Gutter Systems & Down Spots
  • Roofing, Decking & Over hangs
  • Steel & Fire Doors systems

CerarMix™ has been rigorously and independently tested  in various applications and shown to be the most innovative, cost-effective, high performance structural coating available in the market today.  For more information on CerarMix™ testing please click on the links below:

Test Reports          Brochures          Approvals          Videos

 If you have questions about using our products, please contact us.


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