Social Housing

Solutions For Every Need

These unique, multi-purpose and dwelling structures created by ACTS CSI opens the door to entirely new possibilities for the creation of high-value applications and uses in a variety of industry sectors.

Aerial photos of New Jersey coastline in the aftermath of Hurricane SandyBelow is a list of applications/uses for our structures:

  • Emergency Disaster Shelters
  • Construction Site offices
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Workshops (farm, tack rooms)
  • Art/Music Studios
  • Child Care Centers
  • Press Rooms for Event Coverage
  • VIP Lounges for Special Events
  • Extreme Weather/Storm  Shelters
  • Medical/Veterinary Clinics
  • Remote Security Outposts
  • Ecological Campsites
  • Border Patrol Operation Centers/Housing
  • Communication Centers
  • Temporary Mortuary
  • Emergency Operations Centers
  • Worship Centers
  • Triage Clinics
  • Temporary Classrooms
  • Military Canteens
  • Cafeterias
  • Refugee Camps
  • Low-risk Prisoner Housing
  • Worker Housing (gas, oil, railroad, mining)
  • Military/Police Command Centers
  • Secure Storage (food, documents)
  • Archeology  Campsites
  • Temporary Dormitories
  • Game/Exercise rooms
  • Bomb Shelters
  • Wine Tasting Rooms
  • Retail/Office Suites
  • Warehouses


Our sales consultants are ready to assist you with your project needs. 

Please call 877-444-0880 or contact us today.


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