Customize Your Details

MillWork:  Interior and exterior walls of an ACTS CSI structure are 4.5 ” thick to accommodate standard millwork from the manufacturers of windows, doors, skylights, and other after-market enhancements.

Windows:  ACTS CSI structures accommodate aluminum, vinyl, wood, or steel windows.  Windows  may be vertical slide or double hung, horizontal slide, awning, crank-out, fixed  or glass block.  Window Glass can be single pane or double insulated.

Doors:  The doors for your ACTS CSI structure can be virtually any choice available for traditional construction.  Door types can include  insulated hollow metal, aluminum glass storefront, solid core wood, vinyl clad, aluminum, French, and hollow core wood.

Trim:  From baseboards to casings, from crown moldings to railings, trim is a design element that adds depth, detail and richness to your ACTS CSI structure.  When it comes to trim ideas, virtually any choice available to traditional construction can be used in an ACTS CSI structure. To get additional information click this link.

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