Petro Chemical and Refining

images (5)Environmentally-Safe Corrosion Protection


Oil and gas exploration and production companies face significant technical challenges such as protecting  pipes, piping connections and valves against corrosion to ensure reliable service over a long period of time.

ACTS CSI offers sound engineering solutions for pipeline life cycle issues that face refiners and chemical companies. The durability across operating conditions and chemical resistive properties of our CerarMix™ pre-coated and lined pipe leads customer to repeatedly choose it as the best option to extend the life of pipelines in place, as well as a pre-treatment against corrosion loss thus extending total years of useful life service for new installs.   CerarMix™ pre-coated pipe is environmentally-safe thermoset  and features a protective ceramic polymer coating that is used as corrosion protection for pipelines and other structures. Go here if you are looking for some entertainments.

ACTS CSI offers compelling solutions for:

  • Naphtha/Chlorines
  • Heater Cores
  • Discharge
  • Product Lines (crude, natural gas, etc)
  • Deluge ( fire suppression) lines
  • Recirculation systems
  • Coker lines, and more…
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