CerarMix Applicator Specialist Positions Available

ACTS CSI Career Opportunity

ACTS CerarMix Solutions International (ACTS CSI) is currently offering immediate entry level training for individuals interested in working in the industrial coatings industry as a CerarMix Applicator Specialist (CAS).  The training program is designed to assist men and women in acquiring the skills needed to become successful installers for its CerarMix industrial structural coatings.

To accommodate the large number of individuals interested in applying for upcoming CerarMix Applicator Specialist training, we utilize a self-managed application process. You are responsible for reviewing all the information contained in the links below and completing the online application form.

To help you decide whether or not the CAS position is right for you, please view the brief PowerPoint presentation about the opportunities as a CerarMix Applicator Specialist (CAS).  http://1drv.ms/1lYBk9s.  If you have further interest, then review the links below.

ACTSCSI Applicator Training Policy        ACTSCSI Photo-Content Release       ACTSCSI Applicator Trainee Covenant
CAS I Training Title Page        CerarMix Training Calendar        CAS Training Syllabus        CAS Training Course Description

If you are ready to move forward and take the next step in the enrollment process, then please complete the online CAS Training Enrollment Form provided below. Upon receipt of your training enrollment forms, you will receive additional information about CAS training. Once again, thank you for your interest in the CerarMix Applicator Specialist training.

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