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ACTS CerarMix™ Solutions International is a factory direct wholesaler of the highest quality, technologically advanced, pre-engineered, convertible, transportable buildings.  We specialize in the design and sales of custom, multi-purpose, factory built, permanent to temporary structures.

ACTS CSI structures are the greatest value for your investment.  From “concept to completion”, our experienced team of professionals can work with you to ensure you receive precisely the product you need.  We are committed to making sure we design, price and ship your structure accurately and tailored to your individual project needs.   Let us design the best building for your application.

Form, Function & Innovation

Exceptional engineering, superior materials components and craftsmanship are three main reasons that ACTS CSI structures are the only choice for your next project.  ACTS CSI structures are built to last.  They are safe and secure in harsh conditions and performance engineering gives you the assurance of a secure, solid structure based on your needs.  Take a look at the features and benefits of an ACTS CSI structure.

AlphaGen FEAT
Bullet-proof Capable:
 ACTS CSI structures offers a unique bullet-proofing option.  With this option, the structure’s walls, ceilings, and floors are doubled in thickness.  This option now joins 2 layers of the 4.5″ walls, ceilings and floors to provide the required protection.  The standard wall configuration uses Styrofoam for insulation in the internal walls. Sand in combination with other materials, can be used in the walls, floors and celings to provide insulation and penetration protection to meet the customer’s specifications. AlphaGen’s standard 4.5” external wall has been rated to withstand up to a 50 mm Howitzer assault rifle impact.  Bullet-proof capability can be designed to handle threat levels from level 1-6 with 2-3 construction options for each level.

Termite – Vermin proof: Since there is no food value in the CerarMix™ Skin or the premium Styrofoam insulation, vermin are not attracted to it nor do they have the ability to penetrate the structure.

Water Proof: All materials used in the ACTS CSI structure is comprised of inert matter and is not adversely effected by most chemicals, moisture, fire, heat, mildew, mold, or any other natural or manmade materials.

Chemical Resistant:  To date, there is no known inorganic or organic chemical or compound that will have an adverse effect on the current generation of The CerarMix™ Skin that is being used in the ACTS CSI structure.

Mold-Mildew Resistant:  Due to the usage of inert matter and no open porosity, ACTS CSI structures do not support the growth of mold and prevents condensation in either the production or assembly process.

Fire Retardant: ACTS CSI structures can withstand considerable heat for a prolonged period of time.  This safety feature is due, in part, because of the inert materials utilized in the construction process. Reports are available upon request and qualification by interested buyers.

Does Not Rot or Decay: The CerarMix™ used as the protective interior and exterior skin in ACTS CSI structures has withstood over 20 years of environmental testing and these tests sites remain 100% in tact and functional today.  It is our belief that the life expectancy of our products will exceed 99 years.

Infrared Stable: The structure’s CerarMix™ Skin reflects 98% radiant energy applied to it.  Heat from sun, infrared light/heat, visible light, fire, or other forms of heat energy have little affect on the ACTS CSI structure.  The CerarMix™ Skin does not build up or retain heat and so it cannot transfer heat.

Thermally Stable:  The CerarMix™ used to create the interior and exterior structure’s skin has the same thermal stability regarding dimension expansion and contraction as Pyrex glass.

Ultra Violet Ray Reflective and Stable:  The composite materials in CerarMix™ will not break down when exposed to sunlight and it is completely unaffected by ultraviolet light.  The CerarMix™ Skin of ACTS CSI structures will always look great, won’t fade or lose reflectivity.

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