Cost Effective

Putting Every Dollar to Work

ACTS CSI structures allow for the quick and cost efficient construction of housing units and other buildings no matter the environment. These structures are precision engineered in a controlled factory environment to the highest quality standards. Quality materials and workmanship add up to cost savings for the customer.

ACTS CSI structures are stronger than conventional construction because each structure is engineered to independently withstand the rigors of transportation and relocation. Once together, the ACTS CSI structure becomes one integrated wall, floor and roof assembly with a life expectancy of 99+ years.

Building off site ensures better construction quality management and reduced waste. Fabrication materials are purchased in large quantities and the ACTS CSIs’ work force is highly organized. The in-plant facilities guarantee that building can continue even when weather shuts down competitors’ plants. Materials that are delivered to the ACTS CSI manufacturing and production facilities are safely and securely stored in the on-site warehouse to prevent any possible damage or deterioration from moisture and the elements. ACTS CSI also employs stringent quality control programs with inspection and testing protocols that promote superior quality of construction every step of the way. And, we can assemble your structure at the same time your site is being prepared. Time savings equals Money savings.

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