World-Wide Deployment

ACTS CSI delivers innovative and customized formulations using CerarMix technology that improves and extends the useful life and performance of pipeline systems. These piping systems range from subterranean to elevated installations, and subject to operate at low to high pressure, temperature extremes and/or subject to high toxicity, alkaline or acidic effluents. ACTS CSI is capable of product and full service deployments worldwide to support a growing base of satisfied customers.

ACTS CSI piping engineering team has expertise in design of small as well as large projects, Our engineers have provided design solutions for industries such as oil and gas, chemical, utilities and more.
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Exemplifying Our focus on Quality, We Provide Our Customers:

  • Experience in applying key space management concepts for pipe system optimization.
  • Proficiency in delivering substantial value both in terms of reduced and simplified maintenance disciplines and overall pipeline operating costs.
ACTS CSI engineers will assist in assessing the right piping solution with the project needs, including operating conditions, location, terrain and construction methods in order to make the right choice in CerarMix coatings for your piping project.
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