Features & Benefits

Composite Utility and Access Covers & Frames

ACTS CSI manufactures a wide range of utility access, manhole and trench covers utilizing patented CerarMix technology. CerarMix offers light, safe, and a strong alternative for above and underground utility and access covers.

Innovative Design

ACTS CSI’s high-performance and strength one-piece molded design allows for multi-port or single port composite covers. ACTS CSI’s offers company logos and other brand markings on its full range of fully customizable access covers. All covers are available in various load-rating models for use in areas experiencing heavy wheel traffic such as diesel lanes, truck stops or bus depots.

Tremendous Corrosion Range

CerarMix covers are highly resistant to all forms of corrosion and offer excellent resistance to heat, chemical, soil and water conditions. They are electrically non-conductive. CerarMix patented technology ensures that the covers will not break down, deteriorate or act as a source of nutrient for bacteria, microorganisms or fungi thus preventing premature failure of the cover.

Advantages of CerarMix Covers:

  • UV resistant
  • No Scrap Value
  • Will not corrode
  • No bolts required
  • Locks available for all covers
  • Lightweight – no lifting injuries
  • Manufacturing facility ISO accredited
  • Non-conductive to heat or stray voltage
  • Monolithic construction
  • Monolithic construction
  • Termite/vermin resistant
  • Watertight, sealed design
  • Anti-slip surface – no costly injury claims
  • Heavy duty (up to 80 ton load rating) covers
  • Ergonomic, single person removal and replacement
  • Round, square and rectangular (wide range of sizes)
  • Warranted against structural failure for 15 years from date of installatio
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