Exterior Components

Exterior Components

Exterior Cladding

Exterior finishes can be virtually any choice available to traditional construction. Finishes can be provided to match the finish of an existing building on your site. Aluminum, smart-panel, wood siding, cement panel, stone aggregate, brick veneer, stone veneer, vinyl siding (vertical orhorizontal), cedar, limestone, pre-cast, stucco, slate, even concrete block can be used to blend or differentiate exterior treatments.

Roof Pitch Kit

ACTS CSI roof kits provide a complete solution for roofing applications options. Roof kits are specifically engineered to fit your structure’s dimensions and contain all of the components necessary to meet all local building codes.

Storm Panels

High winds and windborne debris can easily break unprotected windows and cause doors to fail. The most reliable method of protecting windows and doors is to install ACTS CSI storm panels. ACTS CSI storm panels are comprised of the same materials as the structure itself and are attached to the structure in such a way that they can be closed quickly before a storm arrives. These storm panels are engineered to fit your structure’s window and doors dimensions.


ACTS CSI structures are engineered to withstand winds of 185 mph. To secure your ACTS CSI structure against shifting during severe windstorms, and to add structural strength, ACTS CSI offers a system of ground anchors. These anchors take only minutes to install and they adjust, in seconds, to the exact height of the structure. The anchors are built to meet the requirements of local conditions and they are built to need only minimal maintenance.

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