Structure Components


ACTS CSI’s innovative, flexible designs along with the highest quality materials ensure building at the best price in the fastest timeframe. ACT SCSI structures start with technologically advanced materials including lightweight Galvalume steel frames, premium insulation and the patented CerarMix skin.

The ACTS CSI construction process is patented and the CerarMix technology creates structures of unparalleled strength and durability that far exceed buildings made out of conventional materials. All of the components used in the ACTS CSI structures are pre-engineered to be enclosed under one roof.

ACTS CSI designs its structures for ultimate flexibility, offering more options for an even more efficient usage of space. The post and beam construction allows for many different interior settings within a given amount of space. The versatility in configuration, clear span, affordability, strength and ease of assembly are the signature reasons to choose ACTS CSI for the next project. Power, data, and cable management components can be easily added creating access points wherever needed.

Take a look at the Various Components that make up an ACTS CSI Structure

Steel Frame

The structure uses the same engineering specifications as a shipping container used for overseas transport. The frame consists of Galvalume steel. Galvalume steel is coated with an Aluminum and Zinc alloy that inhibits the possibility of rust. Even galvanized steel will rust over time, but the Galvalume coating stops the growth of rust even before it can happen. Studies report that during the first 10 years both Galvanized and Galvalume steel appear to work about the same, but thereafter Galvalume is far superior.

Premium Insulation

ACTS CSI’s first choice of material for insulation is ultra high density Styrofoam. ACTS CSI structures contain no chloro-flouro carbons (CFCs) and no formaldehyde. The Styrofoam is referred to as the “Green Styrofoam”. However, other materials, called “bio-fiber”, indigenous to a specific region of the world may also be used for insulation. ACTS CSI refers to “bio-fiber” as something that is locally available. (bamboo, rice and wheat straw). This bio-fiber is created from rapidly renewable agricultural resources. ACTSCSI encourages selection of local plant life that contains natural insect repellants.

Interior Walls

Internal walls may be added to define space and are attached by means of a tongue and groove channel or slotted system. Interior walls are moveable. Interior wall thickness can be any thickness because they are not structural or load bearing. Typically, interior walls, in an ACTS CSI structure are 4.5 ” thick. This standard width makes it easy to accommodate standard millwork from the manufacturers of windows, doors, skylights, and other after-market enhancements.


An electric panel with circuit breakers can be designed into the structure. Electrical pre-wiring is a standard manufacturer’s upgrade and is specific to the region or country, voltage requirements, and local building and electrical codes. Cable, Internet, telephone and sound, etc. can also be pre-wired into the structure.

Plumbing and Waste Disposal

Numerous plumbing and waste disposal options can be used in accordance with building codes for a specific region. Options may include compost toilet with a water recycling system, a septic tank hook up, or a store and purge tank similar to RVs that would require periodical pumping or dumping. Pre-plumbing of the ACTS CSI structure is a standard manufacturer’s upgrade.


ACTSCSI structures are energy efficient. With the use of our patented Cerarmix technology and premium insulation, ACTS CSI structures are less dependent on traditional HVAC systems. The ACTS CSI design consultants are able to help best determine the needed solutions to provide indoor comfort all year long…no matter where in the world the structure is to be located.


A Solar electrical system is a manufacturer’s standard upgrade to the structure. It includes a battery storage system, a converter as specified for the region, and a breaker control box. Heating, cooling, lights, and air conditioning can be run off the solar system. The solar system is shipped inside the container and then mounted on the exterior or interior of the structure upon setup. Circulation of the air within the structure can be accomplished through the windows & doors. An air exchanger is available that can provide a 30% air replacement each hour. The energy usage for the air exchanger is similar to that of a computer fan. The cost of the solar upgrade is dependent upon size and configuration of structures.

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