Temporary or Permanent

ACTS CSI structures are designed for simple and rapid installation by a minimal crew. The set-up of a basic ACTS CSI structure requires no heavy equipment. The easy installation of ACTS CSI structures allows customers to quickly deploy these structures for temporary or permanent applications.

ACTS CSI structures can be considered “permanent” construction in every way. The difference between structures deemed “permanent” or “temporary” lies in the installation. Permanent placement of an ACTS CSI structure may be accomplished by fastening the structure to a permanent foundation, a concrete slab, a poured-perimeter or a poured pier-and-beam foundation. A temporary installation of a structure requires little more than leveling the ground beneath it.

In cases where full installation and erection is required; ACTS CSI utilizes a network of experienced installers who specialize in ACTS CSI’s transportable structures. Our network of installers allows us to construct several projects at the same time or fast track a large project all at once.


ACTS CSI is able to deliver high-quality structures at excellent prices to US and international locations. The cost for the ACTS CSI structures is very competitive, but the overall value of the ACTS CSI is unparalleled. These structures can be transported via standard cargo container ships, cargo planes, helicopters, trucks or rail. Trucks are the most economical means of delivery. The structure can slide off a flatbed truck on its built- in rollers. For remote or isolated locations a helicopter may be used due to the overall light weight of the structure.

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