Features & Benefits

Long-Term Optimum Performance

CerarMix pre-coated pipe is highly recommended for use where perfect pipeline reliability is required, such as in the transmission of gas, oil, water and other fluids. Engineered for extreme corrosion defense, even at high temperatures, it is the ideal material for high wear applications where corrosive and abrasive fluids are present. CerarMix pre-coated pipe provides a custom designed system to suit the specific requirements of any project.

Below ground, sub-sea, concrete encased and anywhere in between, ACTS CSI pre-coated pipe delivers a range of benefits that deliver long-term optimum performance. Whatever the scope of your industrial or commercial project, ACTS CSI has the right solution for your piping needs.

CerarMix Pre-Coated and Lined Pipe Provide Significant Economic Benefits to Pipeline Operation Such As:

Increase Flow of Liquid
Increase pipe capacity of internally-coated pipelines.
Faster Commissioning and Simplified Inspection
Testing and robotic inspection procedures are greatly simplified by the improvedmobility of the equipment traveling through an internally coated pipe.
Reduced Energy Costs
CerarMix makes a significant difference in reducing pumping or compression costs over the lifetime of the pipeline.
Proven Performance
CerarMix applied to the exterior of pipe is an effective impact, fire, and corrosion resistant barrier for line pipe, field joints, fittings and bends for all climatic conditions and insulation requirements.
Low-Cost Solution
External coatings for pipelines are standard practice, and internal coatings can provide economic benefits in ever more demanding environments.

ACTS CSI has both the equipment and the CerarMix technology to line the interior and protect the exterior of any type of pipe as small as a 2 inch diameter to a 12 foot diameter and up to 60′ in length. Our team of engineers will assist in choosing the right CerarMix formula that is best suited to the intended application for the pipe. ACTS CSI provides a full range of services, doing everything from preparation of the pipe surface before coating to the shipment of the finished product.

CerarMix pipe offers additional solution benefits:

Improved compliances
Reduced product losses
Shorten out-of-service time
Reduced capital outlays; more for less
Reduced rates of corrosion and wall loss
Extended life of assets in place by decades
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