Engineering Superiority

Maximum Design Capability

The superior frame technology engineered into all ACTS CSI CerarMix Housing structures is made to withstand severe environmental conditions at a fraction of the cost of brick and mortar buildings. Made in the USA, the high yield, lightweight 100% galvalume steel frames are designed specifically for performance in the most challenging environments. The all steel frames assure ultimate structural integrity and superior structure stability in all directions.
The unit’s strength comes from the structural skeleton. The finished structure provides four times the load support that USA building codes require and it meets or exceeds universal building codes by more than 400%.
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ACTS CSI CerarMix Housing structures use the same engineering specs as a shipping container used for overseas transport. Structures require no wall studs until a length of twenty feet has been reached This allows for maximum design flexibility for both internal layout and external applications. The engineered post and beam construction carries all loads without additional support.
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