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Build To Your Specs through Green Building, Energy Efficieny & Budget

Increasingly, homes are being erected using a panelized building system; a construction technique that utilizes advanced technology, quality materials and a controlled work environment to build wall, roof and floor panels and to construct an energy-efficient and durable structure in less time. ACTS CSI’s panelized home building system retains the best aspects of stick frame construction. It combines time-tested building methods with modern technology to deliver a well-designed, energy efficient and beautiful, new structure.

ACTS CSI engineered panelized building systems are designed and constructed with the client’s needs and budget in mind. Energy efficient, modern, spacious floor plans and quality materials, coupled with our unique panelized roof, wall and floor systems allow a structure to be erected on site in the most cost effective, efficient and expeditious way, making ACTS CSI an economical choice for today’s residential and commercial buyer and builder.

With ACTS CSI CerarMix Panelized Building Systems, the caliber of the materials and precise engineering in the building design is assured at the factory before the structure’s assembly begins at the job site. We make sure every header, stair, door and window opening is exactly where it is supposed to be and that each panel can be erected and the structure “locked-up” and weather-tight in a matter of days – not weeks. Every component of an ACTS CSI panelized structure is pre-built in our factory before the client receives it on the job site. Now that’s quality assurance!
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