Emergency Operations

Fast & Flexible Delivery and Set-up

The ACTS CSI structure is ideal for disaster recovery operations that require immediately deployable buildings to facilitate temporary emergency operations such as medical clinics, triage, surgical, lab, outpatient services, and more.

Structures can be used as semi-permanent alternatives to conventional construction. Structures are easily dismantled and relocated for any future disaster recovery needs – anywhere no matter how harsh or remote the environment

  • Structures are easy to transport on flatbed semi or container trailer.
  • Due to lightweight construction can be delivered by helicopter.
  • Fast delivery/easy to unload. Connect to water, waste and electric in a few short minutes.
  • Less than a few hours to prepare for immediate occupancy.
  • Can be moved and reinstalled anywhere.
There is an unlimited number of other possible uses for ACTS CSI structures, and whatever your need might be, we can design and build it to your specifications!

For more information on the versatility of our structures, please contact us.

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