Temporary or Permanent

Unlimited Options & Configurations

ACTS CSI structures are designed for optimal strength, portability and rapid on-site installation. We don’t just make structures for all kinds of weather, we make solutions for every customer need. No matter the application or the industry, ACTS CSI has the solution.

Rugged and durable, our structures are perfectly suited for disaster relief, emergency housing, and harsh conditions. They can withstand natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Without anchoring, our units can resist winds up to 100 mph; and with anchoring, they can resist winds up to 185 mph.

Fully customizable, there is no limit to the options and configurations available. CerarMix Structures may be designed to include retrofitting for windows, entrance doors, plumbing, HVAC, 110v/220v electrical wiring, telephone and internet connection, four and one half inches of premium insulated finished walls, ceiling and floors. Other amenities such as a full kitchen, bathroom with shower, bedroom, solar-powered electricity, etc. and custom interior and exterior features are also available.nn1

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