Adaptable, Functional, Portable

Military units move fast and need to be able to set up operations anywhere in the world. Meeting these challenging demands requires adaptability, functionality, and portability. ACTSCSI’s structures are the premier choice for relocatable military structures and military hangar.

ACTSCSI structures are easily assembled, disassembled, moved on a flatbed trailer, by ocean container, or in strategic transport aircraft, and reassembled quickly in a new location. Additionally, the ACTSCSI structure can be lifted and moved by cranes, enabling precise positioning of relocatable military structures and hangars wherever operations are established.

Relocatable military structures can be configured to any size with a variety of customizable options, making them flexible enough for any application from equipment storage or repair buildings to interim or semi-permanent barracks.

ACTSCSI offers several security options for protecting expensive equipment, artillery, and machinery. Each military hangar can be configured to accommodate oversized door openings allowing for easy maneuverability of aircraft, helicopters, and transport equipment.
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