Features & Benefits

Building with Predictable Costs

Open the door to an ACTS CSI CerarMix Engineered Panelized Building Systems’ truss, floor system, and wall panel facility, and you’re greeted with metal and lumber riding on rails en route to a computer-orchestrated cutting station…and tiered sorting carts carrying finished parts to assembly stations where roof trusses, floor systems and wall panels come to life. This is what ACTS CSI specializes in… manufactured components with complete design and engineering of trusses, floor systems and wall panels.

Panels are constructed in a controlled environment using state-of-the-art equipment so you can be assured of receiving a precisely built product. ACTS CSI builds to the specifications of each client. ACTS CSI also can supply top quality doors, windows, trim, millwork, siding, roofing products, hardware, cabinetry and more.


ACTS CSI Engineered Panelized Building Systems are composite, high performance building panels for walls, roofs, and floors in residential and light commercial construction. CerarMix Panels have a core of rigid polyurethane, EPS or NEOPOR EPS insulation that is sandwiched between two structurally rated skins of CerarMix panels. CerarMix Panels provide continuous structural integrity and superior insulation in one component. CerarMix Panels may be used in many types of construction and is most cost effective in the “Post and Beam” process.

In the majority of construction applications, CerarMix Panels need no addition support. When reinforcing support is required as in a point load under a beam or header, for example, corresponding dimensional galvalume can be easily designed into the panel during the manufacturing process. Furthermore, panels ranging in length of up to 60 feet in length allow construction of buildings without limit to size. Without further engineering, CerarMix Panels can be used up to seven stories tall.
Any foundation system that can be used for conventional construction can be used for CerarMix Panel construction. Whatever type of foundation system is employed, it is of utmost importance that it is straight, true, plumb, and square for a successful panel installation. Slabs, foundations, basements without floor trusts, or even CerarMix bases can be used
CerarMix Panels are environmentally friendly in several respects. First, the high-performance CerarMix Panel building envelope creates a high energy efficient environment that reduces the energy demand for heating and cooling. ACTS CSI CerarMix panels can potentially contribute to points under the LEED Rating System and the NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines. The foams in ACTS CSI polyurethane and EPS panels contain no harmful blowing or expanding agents and do not pose a threat to the ozone layer. The composites used in CerarMix Panels are made of 98% recyclable materials. Factory production and pre-cutting of CerarMix Panels virtually eliminate panel scrap waste at the jobsite.


Save time

Shorter start-to-finish construction cycle time. A weather-tight panelized shell can be finished in days, as opposed to weeks.