An Ideal Solution

ACTS CSI embraces the opportunities available in the new era in panelized building. Advanced technology, increased manufacturing flexibility and a continued appreciation for interior and exterior design, traffic flow and amenities, are fueling the popularity of CerarMix panelized structures.

ACTS CSI offers a panelized composite building system that provides an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution for a wide variety of temporary and permanent housing and commercial building needs. Our system is used for sub-floors, interior and exterior walls, ceilings and roofs. CerarMix manufactured panels are erected on the job site, followed with the application of exterior and interior finish systems.

While an ideal solution for many applications in residential, commercial and industrial markets, CerarMix panels are especially especially advantageous as emergency housing after natural disasters, for military uses in building construction around the world and for contingency operations, as well as standard design build construction. Learn More.

The construction of a CerarMix Panel structure begins with the design and construction drawings and documents. These construction documents will be used to develop detailed shop drawings. Once the shop drawings are finalized and engineered to meet all the building codes and approved by the client, builder, or professional contractor, production begins. After production, the component package is then loaded and trucked to the job site and the assembly process begins.

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