Design Versatility

Fulfilling Specific Needs

For over 20 years, the ACTS CSI team has pioneered innovative ceramic-polymer technology that has revolutionized the ways in which repair, replacement and maintenance procedures are carried out. We understand the real issues are downtime, efficiency decline, profit/loss, and environmental and safety hazards. Any industry will benefit from CerarMix cost effective solutions. The CerarMix approach to refurbishment and protection substantially reduces the need for replacement, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and above all, downtime.

Today, ACTS CSI is poised to become a world leader in ceramic-polymer composite products, and industrial equipment and structural protective coatings. We are continuously developing solutions to meet the ever increasing market demands. Our success is based on our ability to fulfill a customer’s specific need by providing innovative solutions using CerarMix technologies. We recognize each customer is unique requiring an individual approach to fulfilling a specific need and function.

The CerarMix Solution

At ACTS CSI, we have devoted thousands of hours in research to find ground-breaking solutions to create the best CerarMix products for a variety of applications in various industries. We know how to meet the exactness in reliability, performance, life-cycle costs and maintenance required by the customer while offering customization with dependable service.

To combat the issues of heat, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and chemical attack, CerarMix solutions can:

✔ Repair mechanically damaged components.
✔ Prevent corrosion and water penetration.
✔ Protect against heat, abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and chemical attack.
✔ Restore damaged structures, infra-structures and more.

These solutions are provided while saving industries time and money by reducing outages, the need for spare parts, and lengthy lead times associated with conventional repairs.

CerarMix composites and structural coatings are still in service many years after installation. Due to this proven longevity, many product applications have received industry, government and military recognition and approval from the international community.


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Ongoing Research

Our ongoing research constantly explores new uses for CerarMix. We invite you to consider all that ACTS CSI and CerarMix technologies has to offer and look forward to working with you on your next project. ACTS CSI currently offers proven CerarMix solutions in the following areas:

Pre-coated Pipe
CerarMix Products

ACTS CSI can professionally meet your expectations and capably accommodate your specialized needs. Should you desire more information, please call (877)444-0880 or Contact Us.