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Who is ACTS CSI?
ACTS CerarMix Solutions International, LLC is the sales, marketing and distribution company for the patented CerarMix technology, temporary to permanent structures and related components. ACTS CSI, LLC also contracts production licensees to enhance its brand and commercialize its products and services both in the USA and around the world.
What is the application Process for CerarMix?
To ensure the quality control standards set by ACTS CSI, very specific spray systems were designed and patented that insure the proper mixing and application processes. CerarMix formulas, along with the patented application systems are required to successfully obtain the results required to meet the specifications identified by the projects.

In most cases, minor adjustments to the equipment will provide all that is needed to meet the needs of many applications. ​ Further details can be provided to any qualified persons seeking due diligence upon execution of a NDNC.
How many variations are there to the CerarMix formula?
Although there are more than 1,000 possible formulas for CerarMix, it is important to note that 80-85% of all applications use 1 of 2 primary formulas. Further insight can be gained by checking out the various test reports on the website: Request A Test Report There you will find test reports on such topics as Abrasion, ASU Study on CerarMix Housing, Fire Tests, Fire Panel Tests, Structural Tests, Pipe Tests. In addition there are also many case studies available on our website: Case Studies.
Is there danger of contamination during the process?
With CerarMix coatings, there is no release of harmful elements in the manufacturing process. All CerarMix coatings are void of environmentally harmful emissions and potential waste streams.

Caution is needed to insure that CerarMix formulas are not introduced to the catalyst prior to the merging through the sprayer head as this is when the reaction that creates the specific CerarMix formula takes place. This is at the sprayer heat that the permanent and non-reversible action takes place.
Is it easy to make adjustments for application to different products?
Yes. With the proper training and understanding of the formulas adjustments can be easily made. The formula can be adjusted to effect things such as “Drying Time” or “Hardness”. These factors determine the amount of alteration available. Once set, CerarMix is indestructible and permanent.
What is the composition of the product?
CerarMix is a ceramic-metallic composite material. and is used to improve performance and extend the useful lives of products made from fiberglass reinforced polymers (“FRP”), concrete, metals and bio-materials. CerarMix uses patent-pending nanotechnology to cross link polymers, ceramics and metals in order to meet specifications that exceed those of conventional materials.

CerarMix provides superior abrasion, corrosion and erosion resistance, structural strength and fire retardancy. It dramatically reduces manufacturing costs and the use of petroleum-based plastics.
What are some of the uses for CerarMix and the variations in the formulas?
The formula used will depend on the objectives. As an example: CerarMix on a flat roof could be used to reflect UV and and for heat protection or it could be applied to correct severe leaking and to assure waterproofing … or all of the above.

Each application may have numerous objectives that could differ from case to case, even if the substrate is the same. Each may require a different formula.

CerarMix Coatings are abrasion-resistant, ceramic spray-able polymer metallic materials designed to meet the need for overall cost-effective, energy-efficient, sustainable, and lower-maintenance building techniques. The CerarMix technology is a game-changing factor in building materials protection and has virtually limitless applications, – i.e. sewer systems, piping, bridges, storage facilities, and essentially any material whose integrity and effectiveness rely on the fortification of industrial coating.

There are customizable features which include cladding that can be made to resemble stone, brick, concrete, wood, and other surfaces without the expensive associated costs. Desired finishes and patterns are available for floors, walls, kitchen counter tops and other decorative components.
What additives and raw materials are patented by your company?
Virtually no chemicals or components of the mix are patented. Surprised? Many attempts have been made by governments, companies, and brilliant individuals to reverse engineer CerarMix.

However, no one has been able to achieve the results we routinely achieve. The sprayer, machinery, and the mixed spray that comes from our patented machinery is covered by the patents.

Additionally, and to most scientific minds it seems miraculous, the item we cover in CerarMix is covered by the patents. Example: once CerarMix is applied to a surface such as a chair (or any item) now becomes a CerarMix Chair. There is a reaction between CerarMix and the substrate which bonds them at the molecular level. This nano-technology changes the actual composition of the targeted item.

ACTS CSI has been “Assigned” and owns interest in the intellectual property rights of CerarMix and CerarMix application technologies through various patents, trademarks, and/or trade secret protection. This intellectual property is innovative, unique, and superior to the offerings of any potential competitor. ACTS CSI has gone to great lengths to register and protect its interest in the intellectual property and has taken adequate steps to protect proprietary and significant business information known as trade secrets from potential competitors. A copy of ACTS CSI Intellectual Property portfolio is available upon request, subject to the execution of a NDNC Agreement.
What are the main competitive advantage of CerarMix on the world market?
We have already created joint venture relationships with central governments to use CerarMix for domestic programs. Recently, the US Government ruled that CerarMix is now registered as a “Humanitarian Product”. This is very significant. It now means that CerarMix can be used in countries and for applications globally without concern for embargoes, restricted trade relations, or other restriction any government might impose.

CerarMix solutions encompasses three segments of technological innovation for various industries. Designed to drastically reduce waste, improve worker safety beyond industry standards, dramatically lower resource waste and ecological impacts, and decrease the cost and need for industrial maintenance and replacement. These solutions increase revenue in the long term through lower-cost methods of improving resource efficiency.

In the oil and gas industry CerarMix ensures optimal recovery of oil and gas resources as oilfield costs continue to skyrocket. It assists in overcoming the expensive and challenging task of retrofitting and restoration of site assets and greatly improves extraction safety and efficiency. CerarMix is a solution to the increasing oilfield costs. These costs continue to grow (by an average of nearly 11% annually since 1999) while production expectations also increase (expected to increase by 1.1 mil barrels daily by 2020). Oil extraction costs have outpaced revenues by 2-3% annually. Up to 60% of oil and gas wells fail over a 30-year period, but utilizing CerarMix technology, resource recovery and site maintenance costs are substantially reduced, thus increasing production capability and profits.

Another market advantage of CerarMix coatings is that they are abrasion-resistant, ceramic spray-able polymer metallic materials designed to provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, sustainable, and lowers the maintenance costs of any building. CerarMix technologies is a game-changer in the area of building materials protection and has possible benefits in virtually any industry – i.e. sewer systems, piping, bridges, storage facilities, and essentially any material whose integrity and effectiveness rely on the fortification of industrial coating.

CerarMix coatings can aid any of the myriad components that require industrial and/or structural coating. The current market potential related to the construction, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of Municipal, State, and Federal infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment facilities, roads, bridges, power plants, etc. is in the trillions of dollars. In the USA alone, water systems number in the hundreds of thousands, sewers nearing 1 million miles. They all need substantial long-term investments to provide safe water access. With compliance and regulations either shifting or requiring action regularly, the opportunity for CerarMix is virtually limitless in this sector alone. To meet these needs, we provide installation of new infrastructure and the rehabilitation, expansion, or replacement of existing infrastructure.

ACTS CSI Structural Designs offer panelized building technology to a variety of industries, including commercial, medical, residential, disaster relief, and any industry requiring either permanent or temporary buildings. From structure design to fabrication, these custom buildings can be scaled and deployed in as little as a few days while still boasting the highest levels of structural integrity and longevity. ACTS CSI Structural Designs fit the market of over 500,000 re-locatable buildings for use in North America alone. Structure leasing represents a vast market as well. Over a 10-year period, the average annual return on investment of a re-locatable building sold was 18% with an average holding period of 5.8 years. To achieve a unique position in this market, ACTS CSI Structural Designs offers structures with embedded flexibility in their components; the production process itself maximizes the overall performance of the structures with a tested lifespan of 99+ years.
Are there other products, similar to CerarMix, available in the market?
No. There is nothing like CerarMix. CerarMix controls 100% of the global market for “Structural Coatings” due to the fact that it is the only such coating in the world.

More than 20 years of research and testing has gone into CerarMix. Over 70 independent studies have been performed by 3rd party agencies and government bodies as well as noted universities. Each and every report proves that CerarMix exceeds any other coating material by anywhere from 10x to infinite results.

No other product on the market can do what CerarMix does.
Is CerarMix limited to a niche market?
No. We have tested CerarMix in hundreds of industries and multiple sub sectors of each. Thus far, we have found not one failure.
Why do you say CerarMix is superior?
From structural integrity to safety and environmental concerns, CerarMix coatings can be applied to not only industrial equipment, but structural elements as well. CerarMix is a high performance structural coating formulated to meet any application requirement, which, upon curing, produces an adherent coating that is visually uniform. CerarMix™ has been intensely evaluated. Numerous and on-going performance test reports click here tshow the superiority of CerarMix coating formulations.

CerarMix meets or exceeds standard specifications for improving the life and performance of structural components and high-value assets as it relates to lifecycle costs impacted by corrosion, erosion, and fire/heat control. These major processes can cause catastrophic failure to the overall structural value of an existing surface.
What are some specific characteristics of CerarMix C1 formula?
  • Fire resistant.
  • Does not degrade due to UV.
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant.
  • Provides corrosion resistance for FRP, concrete & metals.
  • Used for pipes, tanks, manholes and covers, protective pole wraps.
What are some specific characteristics of CerarMix AR1 formula? (Similar attributes as C1)
  • Provides abrasion, corrosion and erosion resistance.
  • Chemical, mining and hazardous materials applications.
  • Used for pollution control equipment in the power generation industry.
  • Bond Strength: Concrete: >400psi, Steel: 1,200psi
  • Indentation: MIL – D – 3143F (None).
  • Heat Resistance: 400°F Continuous, 600°F Transient.
  • Flammability: UAB – DTRC – MIL – STD: 2301.
  • (Self-extinguishing after 30 minute exposure 800°F).
  • Thermal Expansion: 6.5 x 10-6
  • Hardness (Diamond = 10F): Moh: 9F.
  • Polymer Hardness: Barcol: 80
  • Tensile Strength: ASTM D – 307: 9,500psi.
  • Flexural Strength: ASTM D – 790: 21,300psi.
  • Modules of Elasticity: ASTM D – 790: 0.9 x 106
  • Abrasion Resistance: ASTM D – 4060 CS – 17
  • Impingement Test: Negligible loss and 40% improvement over 2005
  • Duplex Stainless Steel.
What happens when CerarMix is applied?
CerarMix forms a bond with an existing surface as it improves its production capabilities, durability, and extends its useful life. The use of CerarMix to repair and develop new infrastructure provides unsurpassed advantages in the following areas:
  • Property
  • Cyclic Weathering/Exposure
  • Resistance to Wind Driven Rain
  • Wet Tolerance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Hardness
  • Shear Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation
  • Tear Strength
  • Fungal Resistance
  • Water Vapor Transmission
  • Abrasion
  • Adhesion
  • Fluorescent UV/ Condensation Exposure
  • Salt Spray (fog) Resistance
  • Freeze Thaw Stability
  • Impact Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Rusting
  • Blistering
  • Color Retention
  • Environmental Safety
What is the mission of ACTS CSI?
ACTS CSI’s objective is to take a proactive role using a best-in-class and best-in-practice approach to improving world housing needs, providing high quality, cost effective solutions to the construction, maintenance, repair, and rehabilitation of infrastructure and process facilities worldwide.

ACTS CSI intends to establish some fifty (50) plus locations around the world to facilitate the growing demand for the CerarMix products and services. Each location will become an individual stand-alone site that is funded, managed, and partially or wholly owned by local individuals, companies, and/or governments.

ACTS CSI is committed to finding the right CerarMix coatings solution for our customers’ problems, improving productivity and reducing operational downtime.

The ultimate objective of ACTS CSI is to deliver the highest level of solutions to the world’s problems, reduce waste and constant need for repairs, and to use the treasury we amass to reinvest in mankind through missions and humanitarian outreach.
Is ACTS CSI focused on industry (wholesale) or retail?
ACTS CSI is focused primarily on Industry. Over the past twenty years we have identified more than 1,000 applications for the use of CerarMix formulations are designed to address specific needs identified. As each unique challenge facing industries, municipalities and/or global issues is studied, the correct usage and formulations of CerarMix had to be researched and decided upon. Independent third party verification and testing was then conducted to validate the results. More than seventy such studies have been completed and in every case the results exceed the claims made prior to solving the problems originally presented. These results are available to any qualified persons seeking due diligence study upon execution of a NDNC. There is a great deal of information readily available on our Internet web site
Has ACTS CSI formed partnerships regarging this technology outside the USA?
Yes. In 2014 we signed our first government for domestic humanitarian use only. We now have 3 such agreements in place. In each case the government will produce the funding for their specific needs and CerarMix will be used in their manufacturing operations, under our watchful eye. Most components can be acquired locally, with exception of the CerarMix powder which must be purchased from us exclusively. This is how we control the quality and production, as well as insure our royalty.

ACTS CSI will issue proprietary licenses to market, sell, develop and/or install CerarMix technologies. The purpose of ACTS CSI is to license corporate entities in various strategically identified locations around the world for the purpose of establishing and operating manufacturing/production facilities for the sale and distribution of CerarMix technologies.
What is unique about CerarMix?
CerarMix is a ceramic-metallic composite material used to improve performance and extend the useful lives of products made from concrete, fiberglass reinforced polymers (“FRP”), metals and bio-materials. CerarMix provides superior abrasion, corrosion, and erosion resistance, structural strength and fire-retardency. CerarMix dramatically reduces manufacturing costs and the use of petroleum-based plastics.

CerarMix uses proprietary nanotechnology to crosslink polymers, ceramics and metals in order to meet specifications that exceed those of conventional materials. CerarMix is the result of combining ordinary, abundant materials into a new material that functions in extraordinary ways. Using nanotechnology to change how these materials behave at the molecular level, CerarMix is a product that has been engineered to produce high performance results that will revolutionize how societies build and maintain the world’s infrastructure.

CerarMix formulas are customized for each application to achieve the best results. Although there are over 1000 formulas for CerarMix applications in use today, 80% to 85% or more of these applications utilize one of two specific formulas of CerarMix. The specific application determines what other components and chemicals along with CerarMix is needed to obtain the desired result.
What are some of the advantages of CerarMix when used on infrastructure?
  • Spray Applied: Consistent thickness when applied over irregular substrate.
  • Seamless: No seams to seal in order to prevent leaks.
  • Odorless: Can be used in close proximity to the public and other trades without complaint.
  • 1- Component Technology: No additional catalyst to measure and add at the jobsite.
  • Non-Sag Consistency: Can be applied horizontally, vertically and overhead.
  • VOC Compliant: Can be used in all states and internationally.
  • Low Permeance: Will not allow water vapors through the membrane. It prevents vapors condensing between the membrane and substrate which could result in freeze/thaw damage to concrete or rusting of steel decking and reinforcement.
  • High Elongation and Low Temperature Flexibility: Will accommodate both low and high temperature substrates.
  • Extremely Fast Cure: Can accept ballast and asphalt overlays within one hour of placement.
  • High Electrical Resistance: It isolates isolate structures from stray electrical current.
  • High Tensile Strength and Puncture Resistance: Resists damage from punctures and tearing.
Are there other advantages with the use of CerarMix?
CerarMix offers the physical strength, toughness and durability that is unprecedented in a ceramic spray-able polymer metallic material. This advanced material enjoys high abrasion resistance. In fact it is five (5) times better than silica carbide for this purpose and scores a hardness of nine (9) on the MOHS scale, just one step below that of diamonds. It provides all of the durability of 2205 duplex stainless steel without the cost of steel. CerarMix provides superior protection from extreme heat, corrosives and ultraviolet radiation. CerarMix is also a zero fuel, zero fire, and zero smoke material, making it a superior choice for offshore facilities, shipboard applications and other uses requiring fire, fuel, and smoke protection.
What are some of the applications for CerarMix coatings?
CerarMix Coatings applications are ideal for the following:
  • Residential, Commercial Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Rail Cars
  • Converted Storage Containers
  • Marine Vessels (yachts, workboats, barges, military craft)
  • Wall & Floor Systems
  • Vehicular Roofs
  • Military Venues
  • And many more!
Describe the market potential for CerarMix in the roof restoration, structural enhancement & thermal coating industries?
In 2014, the global paints & coatings market is forecast to have a value of $105.8 billion, an increase of 15.4% since 2009. restorative roof coatings remain the fastest-growing product segment in the fluid-applied roofing market. Thermal coatings serve as an insulation to reduce energy costs up to 40%, particularly in hot and humid environments, protecting against overheating, corrosion, microbial growth, some toxic substances, acid rain, rust, water, and oxidization, as well as ultraviolet rays harmful to structural materials over time. It may be directly applied to virtually any surface, from wood to metal, often without the need to remove existing coatings. It neither emits nor retains odors, and it is much more affordable and durable than current applications.

Overall, the restorative roof coating attributes of CerarMix is well suited for a market in which insulation demand is forecast to increase at 5% annually in the years ahead. The market primarily will be driven by factors such as surging energy prices and the need to curtail cooling and heating costs through greater insulation efficiencies, increased plant refurbishments, and growing opportunities from niche markets. The construction industry demonstrates the clearest trend toward adoption of new technologies. Insulation-related demand covering both residential and non-residential markets is forecast to expand.
What are the benefits when using CerarMix pre-Coated materials?
There are a number of benefits associated with CerarMix pre-coated materials. ACTS CSI provides pre-coating solutions for a wide range of markets that substantially improves the function and performance and increases overall production flow in such things as pipes, tubes, etc. Products are high quality, corrosion resistance and harmless on the environment

CerarMix pre-coated manufactured pipe is also highly recommended for use where perfect pipeline reliability is required, such as in gas and fuel pipeline, for operating temperatures up to 80oC (1760F). CerarMix is also ideal for use in the following: general underground service, highly corrosive soil service, and underwater service. Additionally, CerarMix pre-coated pipe has excellent impact resistance and it minimizes the danger of damage in handling operation, storage, transportation, laying, etc.
Is there consistency of color?
Yes. Due to the controlled nature of the process, color differences, even between production batches, are tightly controlled.
Are there pre-coating customization options?
Yes. CerarMix pre-coating techniques allow pipes and other components to be customized with a wide range of options e.g. coatings, dimensions, thicknesses, aesthetics, and performance characteristics as it relates to corrosion, erosion, fire, and heat control. he coated material can also be tailored to suit the specific requirements of a customer’s equipment.
How does CerarMix impact the environment?
With CerarMix coatings, there is no release of harmful elements in the manufacturing process. All CerarMix coatings are void of environmentally harmful emissions and potential waste streams. There are additional advantages to the environment because the CerarMix coating process provides coating application efficiency of over 98%, which is significantly higher than other application techniques, and pre-coated materials can also be fully re-cycled.
How is CerarMix applied?
CerarMix is applied using a sophisticated and patented spray system. When CerarMix is applied the coating is dense, corrosion and heat resistant, and inert to acids, alkali and solvents. Because of the high energy application method, CerarMix has a higher particle-to-particle cohesive bonding which translates into higher quality coating. CerarMix is applied through the proprietary and patented CerarMix coating processes using sophisticated spray systems. To ensure the quality control standards set by ACTS CSI, very specific spray systems were designed and patented that produce the desired result. CerarMix formulas, along with the patented application systems are required to successfully obtain the results required to meet the specifications identified by the projects.
Must the substrate surface be prepared before applying CerarMix?
Yes. As with any coating system, proper surface preparation and correct application equipment is required. ACTS CSI has in-depth knowledge of complex surface preparation and coating system application processes. CerarMix is a remarkable technology with a range of uses limited only by one’s imagination.
What type of surface is ideal for use with CerarMix?
It may be directly applied to virtually any surface, from wood to metal, often without the need to remove existing coatings. It neither emits nor retains odors, and it is even more affordable and durable than current applications.
What is the most frequent technical problems encountered with the application of CerarMix?
The most frequent technical problem is one that we automatically address with every application of the product and that is the proper mix solution to be applied for the targeted application. We require installers of the CerarMix technology to be properly trained on the correct application and use. Depending on the application, the mix can be made such that it will harden in minutes or over many hours, depending on surface preparation that needs to be applied. Additionally, it can be mixed to provide a hardness of nine (9) on the MOHS scale, just one step below that of diamonds or of a hardness down to a four (4) on the MOHS scale.

Considering the permanency of the coating one would have to say that once CerarMix goes on, it doesn’t ever come off… so don’t spray something you don’t want changed forever.
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