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Who is ACTS CSI?
ACTS CerarMix Solutions International, LLC is the sales, marketing and distribution company for the patented CerarMix technology, temporary to permanent structures and related components. ACTS CSI, LLC also contracts production licensees to enhance its brand and commercialize its products and services both in the USA and around the world.
How is an ACTS CSI structure different from other temporary to permanent buildings?
ACTS CSI structures are fabricated and produced with the patented CerarMix technology. Our structures have very distinct, environmentally safe, and cost-effective characteristics that are an indication of our building innovation and superiority. The CerarMix composite provides higher strength and durability than other composites currently on the market today. Using our advanced CerarMix technologies and construction methods, we provide a distinct and unique alternative to the current competition. ACTS CSI is uniquely positioned to deliver on transforming the temporary to permanent building sector and to deliver superior products to our customers.

Another significant difference in our construction technology is flexibility. ACTS CSI structures are manufactured so they can be quickly assembled and easily disassembled. Unlike a standard brick and mortar facility, an ACTS CSI structure can be reconfigured to meet almost any change in application. The units can be easily disassembled and moved to another location and can become fully operational within a relatively short period of time.
What is an ACTS CSI structure and what elements does it possess?
ACTS CSI structures are built utilizing a different method of construction. ACTS CSI employs new and advanced manufacturing techniques that improve quality, shorten manufacturing time, and reduce costs. While it is not quite an assembly line approach to manufacturing buildings, the economies of scale, increased worker efficiencies, and reduction of delays from weather or on-site waste add up to greater speed of construction at a reduced cost.

ACTS CSI structures can utilize familiar and easily applied construction elements to any building. Exterior cladding can be as wide ranging as any other style of construction. Interiors can have brand name cabinets, plush carpets, custom colors, and all of the enhancements associated with any other type of building. Because of the efficiencies of ACTS CSI’ production and assembly processes, you can easily upgrade the exterior look and interior decor of any of our structures. View our models and finishes in the Gallery.
What is the construction process like?
ACTS CSI works directly with you to arrive at a solution that works best for your project’s needs. We will help you with material selection, provide assistance in obtaining structure permitting and make sure your finished structure is delivered, assembled and finished in a way that you expect.
Do ACTS CSI structures meet building codes?
Yes. In many cases they exceed today’s codes by offering greater energy efficiency and weather resistance. ACTS CSI structures are designed to meet most local building codes.
Is there a need for an Architect?
We have an experienced in-house design and engineering staff which helps alleviate the need for an architect. We do, however, work with architects in the initial design phases of our structures.
Can ACTS CSI Structure be relocated and re-purposed?
Yes. Each structure is an individual unit. There are points in the relocation process where electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other systems meet. These systems can be quickly disconnected, mating lines cut and the structure moved from its foundation. Transportation can then be arranged to deliver the structure to the next site.
How long does it take to install a structure on a site?
If the site has been properly leveled, the external walls of the structure can be erected in as little as 30 minutes. The floor, roof, and walls are all hinged and swing into place with minimal assistance. The internal separations are determined by the design, but snap together and form the dividing walls inside the structure. The setup of the basic structure, and the hook up of water, and power can take approximately 2 hours. The installation of internal living space including doors, closets, walls, sinks, toilet, shower, cabinets, etc. as well as other cosmetic enhancements will add additional time.
How can CerarMix be applied in specific applications?
CerarMix is a sprayable polymer ceramic metallic material that can be applied to any surface such as wood, metal, plastic, and concrete. CerarMix is a virtually indestructible material. The surface is easily cleanable. CerarMix requires little to no maintenance. It is a fully customizable surface for both interior and exterior use – on walls, decks, ceilings and flooring. Beyond strength, water resistance and thermal stability, another highlight of CerarMix is its application versatility.
What type of quality control is in place ACTS CSI structures?
Quality inspections at every step of the production process mean ACTS CSI products are trouble free and durable. Years of experience and superior management keep prices down and speed your structure to the site.

Our structure is the best in the industry because we start with unique engineering, excellent materials and add quality workmanship. We stand behind all ACTS CSI manufactured components with a lifetime guarantee. And, if something goes wrong with an ACTS CSI component, we move quickly to take the necessary steps to correct any problem.
What is the thickness of the exterior and interior walls in an ACTS CSI structure?
Interior and exterior walls are 4.5″ inches thick to accommodate standard millwork from manufacturers of windows, doors, skylights, and other after-market.
What site preparation is necessary to accommodate an ACTS CSI structure?
Simply level and compact the soil or place on a footing or slab. Concrete pads similar to 24” pavers may also be used to establish a sound footing. All CerarMix Housing structures are designed with support arms underneath the structure which are used to level the unit initially or later, in the event of settling over time.
Can an ACTS CSI structure be configured to include vertical building?
ACTS CSI structures can be erected up to fourteen stories high and an unlimited number of units horizontally. Structures are vertically attached, anchoring them at the corner posts. Structures can be designed to be accessible by either interior or exterior stair wells, catwalks, or balconies. Over-engineered for superior strength, other facades can be added into the design.
What is the best means of transportation to rapidly deploy and ACTS CSI structure?
Trucks are the most economical means of delivery. The structure can slide off a truck on their built- in rollers. For remote or isolated locations a helicopter may be used due to the overall light weight of the structure. There are no special transportation requirements.
What are the plumbing options for an ACTS CSI structure?
Numerous plumbing and waste disposal options can be used in accordance with building codes for a specific region. Options may include a compost toilet with a water recycling system, a septic tank hook up, or a store and purge tank similar to that of an recreational vehicle that requires periodical pumping or dumping. Plumbing is considered an ACTS CSI upgrade and is specific to the region or country and local building codes.
What is the electrical capabilities of an ACTS CSI structure?
An electric panel with circuit breakers is designed into the structure. Cable, internet, telephone, sound, etc. can also be pre-wired into the structure. Pre-wiring is considered an ACTS CSI upgrade and is specific to the region or country, voltage requirements, and local building codes.
Is solar power available on an ACTS CSI structure?
Yes. Solar power is an ACTS CSI upgrade to the structure. It includes a battery storage system, a converter as specified in the region, and a breaker control box. Cost of upgrades are dependent upon size and configuration of units. Heating, cooling, lights, and air conditioning are run off a solar system which is shipped inside the container and then mounted on the exterior or interior of the structure upon setup. Circulation of the air within the structure can be accomplished through the opening of windows and doors. An air exchanger is also available that will cause a 30% air replacement each hour. The energy usage is similar to that of a computer fan. Energy usage in Kilowatt Hours (KWh) (which are produced by the solar panels on the structure) would equate to $12 per month for heating or cooling the entire ACTS CSI structure.
Who handles cosmetic and or structure upgrades and enhancements?
ACTS CSI’s primary focus is to produce and deliver the basic structure. ACTS CSI can offer standard upgrades such as: plumbing, solar, electrical, HVAC system, septic system, toilet, bathroom sink, shower, kitchen sink and cabinetry. ACTS CSI’s network of production licensees will handle the structure’s upgrades and cosmetic enhancements such as flooring, counter tops, paint, wall textures, etc.
How are the internal divisions (or internal walls) used to determine internal space usage?
Structures are wide open and clear spaced inside up to 24’x 20’. A structure of 24’x 40’ will have only 2 support pillars inside the open space at the 20’ point on each side. Internal walls may be added to define space and are attached by means of a tongue and groove or slotted system. Walls are moveable. Interior wall thickness can be any thickness as they are not structural or load bearing. The pillars can be designed into the inner wall design to hide them from view.
What is the weight of a structure in lbs?
All walls, floors, ceilings, and any other separations made with CerarMix has a weight of 1.25 pounds per sq ft. Based on the application of the structure, the overall weight will fluctuate and will be calculated during design. The extreme light weight of the structure makes it highly favorable over any other option available today. Shipping, setup, and handling is made much easier due to the light weight nature of the structure.
How can I explore the possibilities of CerarMix or an ACTS CSI structure for my project?
ACTS CSI is prepared to provide support for the initial application evaluation and project development process. This process typically begins with a presentation and product demonstrations by ACTS CSI along with an initial assessment of ACTS CSI advantages for the targeted application and project. Once there is an overall agreement that the technology will provide a valuable solution for the intended project, then a confidentially agreement protecting the interest of both parties will be prepared and executed. At that point there will be a sharing of data and a visit to an ACTS CSI production facility. ACTS CSI can also provide assistance with product design, application and/or project vetting and cost analysis.
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